Strategies for Kitchen Appliances Cleaning

clean_houseWe love our appliances for the kitchen and are nearly sure how exactly we would live life without them! From the fridge to the stove, dishwasher and the stand mixer even; kitchen appliances are among the true joys of contemporary living.
But did you know these beloved workhorses of your kitchen are often a few of the grimiest places in the house? And it’s not really the insides of fridges and ovens as if you may have expected - it's the outside which can be the dirtiest surfaces inside your home!
Actually, research has turn out claiming a third of most fridge handles carried higher degrees of coliform bacteria. That’s bad news, especially if you have small kids or elderly people inside your home.
It sounds obvious, but being opened 20 or even more times a full day would be enough to contaminate any kind of handle, aside from by dirty kitchen fingers (think raw meats and poultry). These tips can be used by you for cleaning on your terms and make everything perfect.
The Offending Appliance
Because of this test, we made a decision to clean the exterior of a fridge to trial the brand new Vileda Microfibre 2 in 1 Kitchen Cloth.
This stainless fridge hadn’t seen any cleaning products for at the very least 6 months. If a swab was done by us check we’re positive it could develop all types of disgusting things, so we decided rather that what we didn’t know wouldn’t harm us also to get cleaning!
As microfibre cloths grab bacteria and infections while wiping up the grease and fingermarks typically entirely on stainless, we thought this might be the ideal check of the cloth.
The Results
You can see on your own the fridge is gleaming and without marks or even streaks. The procedure was quick, chemical and easy free of charge and took only 5 minutes. For the more persistent marks, we flipped on the cloth to make use of the ‘energy zones’ for some extra scrubbing action.
Normally it could take rinsing and lots of buffing to accomplish a residue-free surface utilizing a standard cloth about a shiny surface. Nonetheless it was various with the microfibre fabric. It’s hard to describe how it works just, but it appeared to ‘suck’ upward the dust and grime without pressing it around, to never be observed again. Magic really!
The Cleaning Frenzy
After such pleasing effects with the fridge, we shifted to cleaning the exterior of most our other grimy appliances with the Vileda microfibre cloth: dishwasher, oven, toaster, kettle, coffeemaker, remain mixer… the list continues on! It is incredible just how much could be cleaned with a straightforward looking cloth no chemicals whatsoever.
After we were finished, we popped the fabric in the washer on a 40oC period (without material softener - it clogs up the fibres and helps make them ineffective) and the fabric was great as new.
So the next time you look at your fridge, dishwasher or oven; take action a favour and grab your microfibre fabric for an instant and easy clean.