Lemon Juice for Cleaning

lemons_for_cleaningIn this article you will find several lemon cleaning methods that were given by house cleaning services in Massachusetts. They're an all natural disinfectant, stain remover and so are wonderful for polishing metallic. Also, lemons are usually eco-friendly and inexpensive.
Cleaning laminate countertops: Reduce a whole lemon in two, squeeze the juice on to the counter. Utilizing the lemon as a scrubber, work the juice on the stains. Leave the juice on before stains disappear rinse along with water and dried out then. The citric acid will remove the stains.  Bottled lemon juice could be substituted for a brand new lemon.
Cutting boards: Exactly the same process works on trimming boards. Rub the lemon onto the staining and allow it sit before stains are gone. The lemon will disinfect the board simultaneously also.
Cleaning copper: Cut the lemon in two and sprinkle salt (any sort - still sea salt) on to the lemon. Therapeutic massage the lemon wedge onto the brass, squeezing the fruit juice out before tarnish will be buffed off. Since it stops working, include even more salt to the lemon. Rinse well with drinking water and let dried out. It is very important keep copper bottom part pans clean since they redistribute the warmth in accordance with how clean they're on the bottom.
Cleaning brass: If an item is brass plated, it shall be brass using one side and solid dark on the other hand. Never make use of lemon on whatever is brass plated -- just strong brass. Brass plated products have to be cleaned really gently having an oil soap - in no way use anything acidic onto it. Use the exact same method for cleaning strong brass for copper - half of a lemon with salt sprinkled onto it and rub until it really is clean. Rinse nicely with water.
Removing rust from clothing: Put lemon juice upon the rust stain and sprinkle cream associated with tartar onto the very best associated with the juice. Rub in the perfect solution is and let it take a seat on the stain before rust is gone. The citric acid shall take the rust off. Some stains are usually tougher than others, but 15 to half an hour should work fine just. Launder as usual.
Bleaching white clothes along with lemon juice: Mix 1/2 mug lemon juice (or even sliced lemons) with 1 gallon of scorching water. Soak the clothing in the solution. Usually do not make use of for silk, it's best for polyester and cotton. Allow clothes soak from one hour to overnight, depending on how the clothing needs bleaching badly. Remove the clothes from the blend and pour the blend into the washer and wash as typical. You can't really over-bleach using lemon fruit juice.
Getting stains out associated with Tupperware: Squeeze lemon juice within the container and add baking soda. Utilize the lemon as a cleansing tool and function it in. If the staining are bad, allow it sit immediately before scrubbing the staining.