Why Appearances Matter For The Success of Your Business

Spring is just around the corner and soon people will be out and about again as the weather improves. With more prospective customers taking to the streets, you need to make sure the exterior of your business is looking its best. For the past few months it has been covered in snow and grime, but […]

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A Tale of Two Windows

This is a tale of two windows, that at first glance, looked very different, but ending up being a lot more similar than anybody ever thought. Tom is a window that lives on a house, in a lovely neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto. He has a great life, consisting mostly of sunbathing and watching […]

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The Season Is Over, But The Lights Are Still Up

Christmas has come and gone, but the memory and torment of hanging your Christmas lights is still very fresh in your mind. From finding and untangling the box of lights in the garage, to finally getting the willpower to actually hang them, this annual holiday chore is as grief-filled as ever. To add insult to […]

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Maintenance Tips for Home Exteriors

  Whether we like it or not, winter is fast approaching. Ensuring your home is in top condition to handle the cold months is essential in preventing problems. Here are some maintenance tips for home exteriors to help you prep for the next few months. Cracks: One of the easiest and least expensive maintenance jobs […]

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Driveway Sealing: Is It Really Necessary?

Driveways seem sturdy, durable, an enduring. Because of this, many homeowners wonder if sealing an asphalt driveway is really necessary. Although sealing can be a somewhat difficult job, it’s an incredibly important part of driveway care and maintenance. By improving appearance and reducing potential cracking, sealing effectively lengthens the life of the driveway and reduces […]

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Summer Home Projects: Five Tips for Spotless Summer Window Cleaning

In addition to making a home feel spotless and bright, sparkling windows also allow ample light into a room and can transform a living space from feeling dank and dark into feeling airy and open. Thanks to the warm temperatures and longer days, summer is the ideal time for home projects, including window cleaning. These […]

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Exterior Home Makeover Tips

With spring around the corner, it is time to swing into full cleaning mode and get your house ready for the nicer weather. While you hibernated indoors this winter, the exterior of your home has been working 24/7 protecting you from the elements. The result of that loyal service is a build up of dirt […]

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New Year New Home

As the weather outside become even more “frightful,” we find ourselves sitting by the fire, snuggling with our special someone, and basically sheltering in place. One way to make productive use of this quiet time is to plan exactly what we need to do to maintain or improve our homes for this New Year. New […]

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Christmas Lighting Done Right

There is always at least one house in the neighborhood that causes everyone to stop and stare and bring their family to enjoy. It is brightly lit for the season yet not too garish or overdone. And most importantly the kids love it! That is Christmas lighting done right.   Then again there are those […]

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How to Prepare Your Home Exterior for Winter

Winter tends to wreak havoc on our homes and leaves the exterior a little worse for wear every year. Being better prepared this coming year is ideal in ensuring your home operates at its best during the cold months. Taking the time to check your house and enlist help when necessary will go a long […]

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How to Mix Bonsai Soil

Bonsai represents nature's grandeur in miniature. Historical evidence suggests people in China practiced the art of bonsai almost 2000 years ago. The trees, moss and miniature plants found in bonsai require specific care, including the correct soil mix. Soil that drains too quickly or retains too much moisture causes damage to the sensitive root system of the bonsai. Mixing your own bonsai soil ensures your small landscape has the nutrients, drainage and moisture retention needed for healthy and sustainable growth. Whether starting a new bonsai or transplanting older trees, making your own planting mix connects you to nature through an ancient art form.

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How to Trim Primrose

Primroses (Primula spp.) show up in late winter to early spring, providing prolific blooms in shades of red, pink, yellow, blue and white suspended over dense clumps of leathery leaves. The most common primroses are English primrose (P. acaulis and P. polyantha), florist's primrose (P. obconica) and fairy primrose (P. malacoides). Thriving in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 9, primroses need shade and mulch when grown in warmer climates. A suitable perennial for borders, mass plantings, rock gardens and woodland gardens, clumping primrose only requires trimming to prolong blooming and eliminate dead plant material.

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Can Leasing an Apartment Raise Your Credit Score?

Paying your rent on time usually doesn’t increase your credit score the way that a mortgage in good standing might. That doesn’t mean that leasing an apartment never affects your credit, however, and that also doesn’t mean that you can’t use a good rental history to help you when you apply for certain types of credit. Even if leasing doesn’t show up in your credit calculations, staying on top of your rent plays an important role in your financial health.

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Checklist for Buying Your First House

Purchasing your first home is an exciting time, and it can be easy to rush into decisions that require careful consideration. You need to figure out what and where to buy, how much to pay and where you will get the money, and how to protect your new investment. The best way to accomplish each of these tasks is to hire a competent professional to guide you through the process, but you can also do it on your own if necessary.

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Natural Landscaping Ideas

If your home features casual, rustic architecture, a formal English garden landscape is going to stick out like a sore thumb. With rugged, country-inspired architecture, a more informal, natural landscape design can complement your home and help your lawn and garden feel like an extension of your home. While planning a natural landscape allows for flexibility and creativity, certain elements are key to establishing a rustic style for your yard and garden.

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Late Summer Vegetable Planting

Late summer vegetable planting provides a delayed second harvest to supply your table with fresh produce well into the fall and winter. By planting in late July or August, you extend the growing season for crops that thrive in cooler fall temperatures and higher moisture levels. By selecting cold-hardy vegetable cultivars and attending carefully to the growing conditions to prevent problems from fall pests, diseases and frost, garden-fresh goodness and health will be yours to enjoy long past traditional harvest times.

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How to Harvest a Cabbage Head

Cabbage is a cool-weather vegetable that thrives in the garden. A cabbage plant takes anywhere from 80 to 180 days to mature. In addition to the time frame, the tight cabbage heads offer signs of maturity to let you know when to harvest the vegetable. With proper harvesting techniques, you are able to allow for a second smaller growth of cabbage sprouts to harvest later. The collected cabbage heads store well for several weeks, providing a healthy and versatile crop after the growing season ends.

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Winter Flowering White Jasmine

Winter jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum) is renowned for its extremely fragrant white flowers, which bloom during winter and spring. This plant is hardy in U.S Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8a through 11a. It has a couple of other names, including Chinese jasmine and many-flowered jasmine. If you want a fragrant and decorative plant that flowers during winter, winter jasmine is an excellent choice.

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How to Plant Potted Rose Bushes Outside & Prune Them

Just because it came in a pot does not doom it to an indoor life. Potted roses can make the big move to the flower garden in the spring, summer or fall in Mediterranean climates. Allowing a container-grown rose to sink roots into the earth requires little more than appropriate site preparation. Nor is pruning after planting a time-consuming matter. Container-grown roses need at least one growing season to get established in their new location before any significant clipping is required.

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Mortgage Approval with Conditions

Homebuyers look forward to receiving a lender's written mortgage approval. The document reflects a lender's commitment toward a home loan. Before getting too excited, a prospective homebuyer must clear any conditions that go along with the lender's pre-approval letter. Conditional items usually represent certain red flags that an underwriter seeks to clarify prior to issuing a commitment to lend.

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How to Care for & Prune Hibiscus Trees

Hibiscus trees are small, but they provide large, colorful flowers that bloom continuously throughout the summer. They're heavy feeders that require warm weather, moist soil and plenty of sunlight for proper growth. They grow best in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 and 10. Hibiscus trees should be pruned throughout the growing season to remove unwanted or leggy branches.

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Can Mosquitoes Lay Eggs in a Flower Planter?

It's a beautiful summer evening, but you're trapped in your home, afraid of the menace that's on the other side of the door. Don't despair, you're not the first person to fritter your summer away inside because of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are common, in part because most people don't realize how little water they need to successfully reproduce. Make sure your flower containers don't provide mosquitoes with a breeding ground.

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How to Patch a Garden Hose

Garden hoses, commonly made of rubber or vinyl, occasionally develop holes or slits through normal wear and tear or misuse. Leaky hoses waste water and have decreased water pressure, both of which make the hose less functional. Instead of throwing out the hose, gardeners may easily and quickly patch the leak using a hose coupling.

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Money Tree Plant Starts Wilting

The money tree plant (Crassula argentea) is more commonly known as the jade plant or jade tree. This South African native shrub can live outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 to 11, but it's most often grown as a potted indoor houseplant. It's easy to grow, but it can wilt and lose leaves if it doesn't have the right amount of light and water. Changing those conditions is usually enough to eliminate wilting and bring back the lush, fleshy leaves.

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What Happens with a Bad Thermostat in a Clothes Dryer?

Modern dryers usually have more than one thermostat: a cycling thermostat that turns the heating element off and on to keep the temperature even; and either a high-limit or thermal thermostat that cuts power to the heating element if the dryer overheats.

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The Disadvantages of Steam Vacuums

Steam vacuums are fairly common for cleaning carpets in both commercial and residential spaces. For home use, machines are available for purchase or rent. They all work on pretty much the same principle, so the advantages and disadvantages are similar for most brands.

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What Materials Do You Need for a Hydroponic Grow Box?

Hydroponics is a water-based growing system that is very different from growing plants in soil. A grow box uses deep-water technology and a variety of supplies to keep the plants healthy and thriving in this environment. Grow boxes are ideal for indoor gardens or small spaces where the traditional soil garden space isn't available. While there are many different types of hydroponic grow box setups, the general materials required are the same.

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How Long Does the Flame Stay On in a Gas Dryer?

A gas dryer uses a burner bar similar to the burner found in the oven of a gas range. The burner bar consists of two rows of holes through which the gas passes to produce the double row of flames that produces the heat to dry your clothes. A pilot light flame or an electronic ignitor may be used to ignite the gas passing through the burner-bar assembly. Whether and how long each flame stays on depends on the make of your dryer.

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Difference Between Sheer and Opaque Curtains

Besides deciding upon color, pattern and texture, the major choice when selecting curtains comes down to whether sheer or opaque curtains are more appropriate for a particular room or window. If unfamiliar with drapery terms, this may seem confusing if a similar color or style is available in both sheer and opaque versions. Sheer curtains let light flow in while opaque curtains do not.

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Different Shapes of Unique Wall Mirrors

A wall mirror doesn't have to be the basic rectangle, square or circle commonly found in a department store's decor aisle. A mirror can be virtually any shape or combination of shapes that can be cut into glass, limited only by the imagination. Mirrors that suit virtually every type of decor are available -- from classic looks to quirky designs.

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